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These 5 Bowls Were Created By Woodturner Alan Hollar and Finished With Odie's Oil. Odie's Oil is Easy to Use and Produces Spectacular Results.


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Odie's Oil Vs. Lacquer

An Odie's Customer Did His Own Comparison Test.  Take a Look At His Results.

The first picture (with the feather) is a cherry bowl finished with lacquer. The next picture (with the dolphins) is a eucalyptus bowl finished with Odie's Oil. Both bowls are the work of Richard Levine. Thank you Richard for sharing your results!

Finished With Lacquer 


Finished With Odie's Oil


What A Difference Odie's Oil Makes!


Here are some other wonderful projects....


Purpleheart and maple bowl by Philip Wilson, woodturner (see Philip's testimonial here)

oak-bowl-color-brought-out-with-odiesoil-thumper.jpg oak-bowl-odiesoil-thumper.jpg

Oak bowl (2 views) by Woodturner Richard Levine.


Sycamore Crotch bowl by Woodturner Richard Levine.


Mulberry bowl by Woodturner Richard Levine.

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Carved cherry vase by woodturner/woodcarver Abe Sloan, BowlDesignStudio 

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Bowl is spalted black gum. Box is black cherry. By Joan Weaver, woodturner


Rosewood turned box. By Joan Weaver,  Bell Woodturners

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