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How to fix almost every issue, including but not limited to blotchy spots, water spots (remember to wait 2-3 weeks before water testing), waxy or tacky feeling, dulled the wood, or if it does not dry:

  • You can add a very small amount of Odie's Oil to the surface and vigorously rub it in with a grey (or white if sanding 800 grit or more) scotch-brite, then immediately buff it off with a cotton terry towel. Wipe your hand across the surface. If it leaves a mark continue to buff off using a cotton terry towel. The cure time will restart at this time. Do this in small 2ft by 2ft or 1ft by 1ft sections.
  • This is caused by applying too much oil on the wood, and/or leaving product on the surface of the wood.


This will typically fix any issues you are experiencing, but if this does not work do not sand off your finish. Give us a call 850-695-2055 or email us at and we will do our best to help figure out what happened.



 How to keep your unused jar of Odie's fresh: 

  • Unless you use Bloxygen all of the Odie’s products will harden in the presence of oxygen.
  • You can try to dig beneath the hardened part of your jar, and there may be some useable portion  



My sheen isn't high enough:

  • You sheen is dictated by your sanding. The higher you sand, the higher your sheen.
  • IMPORTANT: Do NOT skip any grits. The progression should go 60-80-100-120-150-180-220-280-320-400-600-800-1000-1200
  • Adding layers of the oil, wax, or especially the butter will help some.