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Wood Turner Review

Recently, one of America's top wood turners, Allan Hollar reviewed Odie's Oil.  Here are his comments: 

"So I tried the Odie's Oil in the SMALL (2 oz.) sample bottle.  To my surprise, I got coverage for the 5 small bowls in the pic  of 3 coats, and used less than half the bottle.  These bowls were sanded to 320 grit; I really didn't see much change in appearance with multiple applications.  One coat left a smooth low luster surface with no build, and left an excellent look for burl and plain wood.  I water spotted 2 bowls, and the spots rubbed away with my thumb!  Leaving the bowls out in the hot sun did not cause any oil weeping or oozing.  This seems to be an idiot proof finish.  I don't have a way to test for wear, other than abrading with steel wool, but after 5 minutes of heavy rubbing in one spot, two days later I could not find the rubbed area.  Good stuff!"

Alan Hollar


5 bowls created by Alan Hollar


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