Odie's Oil Finish for Wood Floors

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Odie's Oil Finish for Wood Floors is a True One Coat Application Finish. This amazing finish stabilizes, protects and beautifies Hardwood Floors. It is Food Safe and Solvent-free. It is safe for the user and the end-user, free of heavy metals and isocyanates. It has no VOC. It dries fast, hard and flexible and clear. No yellowing.

Use commercially and residentially. It has been used successfully on hardwood floors in all climate regions for several decades. It stabilizes the widest planks! It will not water spot once cured and it blocks UV. It spot repairs easily with no sanding and no halos. Any sheen can be achieved. Add oil-compatible pigments or dyes to achieve any color.

Coverage is approximately 190 square feet per 9 oz jar (based on American Cherry). This finish has a unique honey-like consistency and a pleasant aroma. It really does go a long, long way.

It is easy to use. Click here for application instructions.

Reviews (3)

Great natural look

Written by Jay Rakieski on 14th Mar 2019

I can't speak for the longevity or performance of the finish as I applied it last week, but application was super easy with a rented buffer. It really has brought out the character of my rift cut red oak floor. Exactly the kind of finish I wanted. One jar almost covered my 250 sq ft room! They said a little goes a long way, but thought it was marketing hype. They speak truth, my brothers and sisters. I hand sanded down to 220 grit and the sheen was semi matte. Looks awesome and specular highlights dont detract from the pleasing forms in the wood like super glossy finishes Customer support was second to none. Very helpful and they responded quickly to my questions or concerns. One last thing, the smell is lovely when its curing. My girlfriend is very sensitive to chemicals and she was worried that it would stink up the house for weeks. Welll, we found ourselves opening the door to the new floor to just get a pleasant whiff of Odie's oil several times a day! I had almost a whole har left over and treated all the hickory handles of my orchard loppers and hedge shears. Looks amazing.. thanks!

Odies oil for wood floirs

Written by Cole Smith on 18th Aug 2017

Love it, we hooked. Great wood finish for wood floors and all woodworking projects!

Just the best.

Written by Justin on 17th Aug 2017

I refinish floors professionally and this is the best product for wood floors, hands down. If you’re DIY’ing, if you’re a pro, if you’re a halfwit with a buffer... this is the stuff. James and staff are incredibly friendly, and dealing with this product and company is nothing short of a delight. Do it.

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