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Reviews (12)

awesome product

Written by Logan Brodine on 16th Mar 2021

I have really enjoyed using Odie's Oil on all of our products. We did the math and it will actually save us money in the long run by purchasing the 32 ounce jar. If you know you are going to use a lot of Odie's Oil I would recommend going this route.

Great food safe product

Written by Kev on 22nd Feb 2021

I tried they 9 oz jar first and am just now finishing it up and switching to the big jar. I do high volumes of wood and a little really does go a long way. I use this on all my food stuff wooden items that I make and its pretty wonderful. Leaves a great feel to the wood, has a lovely lingering scent (citrusy), is food safe/non toxic and it seems pretty bomb proof when applied correctly. Its everything I want in a finish and it gives me confidence passing it on to my customers.

Odie’s Oil

Written by Eissa on 22nd Jan 2021

The best ever you could find in the market, if you are looking for quality & safety this should be your choice, I use it for the high quality projects or children projects that I make or even for food projects, highly trusted.

Odies Universal oil

Written by Robert @handmadeindustries on 12th Jan 2021

This product is second to none when it comes to metal finishes. I’ve been using it for the last couple years and recommend it to everyone. Applies nice not to mention smells good as well.

Odies oil

Written by Linda Wilhelm on 31st Dec 2020

Absolutely love this product! Redoing our 3rd generation farmhouse and used this on reclaimed black walnut wood for our stair treads and they came out beautiful Next reclaimed barn wood flooring!

Odie's Oil 32 oz. Jar

Written by Edward Buscemi on 2nd Dec 2020

Excellent and wish I could post pictures. I have a Brazilian Cherry Floor. We sanded the floor used the Odies Stain to make the flooring darker and then used Odies Oil to finish. One of the great features of the products for me is how safe it is to use. As a Remodeling Contractor it is easier to articulate the value to a client.

Odies oil 32oz

Written by craig muir on 16th Nov 2020

I’ve tried dozens of finishes, Odies is my favorite hands down. Beautiful results and hard to screw up. Love this big jar of Odies! I hope you continue this product.

Odie's Oil

Written by Tim Lincolnhol on 10th Aug 2020

Odie's has become our go to finish as many of our items may involve food product and trust Odie's. Love the smell, the safety, the application and finish. We have become Odie's fans!! Tim and Debra Lincolnhol

Odie’s oil

Written by Helminen Brenda on 6th Aug 2020

I have really enjoyed working with Obie’s Oil. We are applying it to Southern Yellow Pine tongue and groove siding that we are using for the ceiling in a small timber frame house we are building. Odie’s Oil is creating a rich and warm texture that really highlights the grain.

Odie's Oil

Written by Heather Young on 31st Jul 2020

I am using Odie's to revive the long neglected teak wood on our 30 year old boat. Some of the exterior wood was so deteriorated I was afraid to sand it. So I didn't. I scrubbed it with general boat soap to remove surface grime and rubbed down the wood with a steel wool pad to get deeper grime. After it dried, I poured Odie's straight from the 32 oz glass jar onto the wood and spread it will a rubber gloved hand. That's it. I waited 3 days, then applied another coat of Odie's to the still thirsty wood. Still did not rub it in. 2 weeks later, I used a white scrubber and rubbed in the small amount of Odie's that remained on the top of the wood. It took only a few minutes because most of the Odie's was sucked deep into the teak. It has been 2 months, with rain and sun beating down on the wood and it looks great! It sheds water like a dream and I swear the wood is stronger. I will be using Odie's on every piece of teak on this boat. The days of babying layers of synthetic varnish are OVER on our boat. Hands down, the healthiest, easiest to use wood product I have ever found.

Great product

Written by Sean Melchiorre on 25th Jul 2020

I’ve been using odies oil for the last few months and I could not be happier. Watching the true color of the wood come out is one of my favorite parts of the process. My cutting boards look and feel amazing. Watching the water still roll right off the boards months later is why I trust this product. It’s amazing how such a little bit will go such a long way. Plus it smells ridiculously good too

Odie's Oil

Written by Burket K on 23rd Jul 2020

As a furniture maker i finally switched completely over to Odie's Oil several years ago. The chemicals of all the other products out there were just to much! The ease of application, durability, and the drop-dead beautiful finish... well its just a no brainer. Thanks Odie's! #BuiltByBurk

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