Odie's Oil

Odie's Oil

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Odie's Oil 9 oz

Food Safe, Solvent Free, Non-toxic Wood Finish and Stabilizer. Easy to Use. Lustrous Sheen In One Coat. It is also the perfect finish for leather, concrete, plastic, vinyl and metal.

Odie's Oil is great for all species of wood, exotic and domestic. Formulated to work on even the oiliest of woods. Will actually get better with age, becoming more durable and more beautiful!

Contains natural UV inhibitors-sunscreen for your wood!

Odie's Oil is great for interior and exterior applications: Boats, Brightwork, Doors, Floors, Decks, Gates, Fine Furniture, Patio Furniture, Bowls, Cutting Boards, Kitchen Implements, Toys, auto detail, concrete, leather and metal, etc., etc. The list goes on and on!

Odie's Oil is great for wood turners and can be used as a friction polish!

Odie's Oil does not contain driers or any toxic chemicals, and all ingredients are food safe. No worries! Odie’s Oil is safe for everybody: families, kids, and pets!

Odie's Oil is easy to use! No sanding or stripping in between coats or for retouching! Wipe on, Wait a while, Buff off. Easy!

A LITTLE ODIE'S OIL GOES A LONG WAY! USE SPARINGLY. "No solvents" means there is almost nothing to evaporate, so what you put on the wood, stays in the wood. Odie's Oil covers many, many times the area of other wood finishes. Up to 20 times the coverage as conventional finishes. Coverage will vary depending on wood density and porosity.

Odie's Oil is a proprietary blend of oils and waxes, born out of inspiration, hard work and a driving need to solve problems specific to the woodworker. The culmination of 30+ years of research, development and field testings in the most extreme environments produced a revolutionary product that out-performs and out-covers the competition.

For finishing wood floors: 

Odie's is a True One Coat Application Finish. This amazing finish stabilizes, protects and beautifies Hardwood Floors. It is Food Safe and Solvent-free. It is safe for the user and the end-user, free of heavy metals and isocyanates. It has no VOC. It dries fast, hard and flexible and clear. No yellowing.

Use commercially and residentially. It has been used successfully on hardwood floors in all climate regions for several decades. It stabilizes the widest planks! It will not water spot once cured and it blocks UV. It spot repairs easily with no sanding and no halos. Any sheen can be achieved. Add oil-compatible pigments or dyes to achieve any color.

Coverage is approximately 189 square feet per 9 oz jar (based on American Cherry). This finish has a unique honey-like consistency and a pleasant aroma. It really does go a long, long way.

It is easy to use. Click here for application instructions.

Odie's Oil is made by hand in small batches to insure quality. And of course, it is made in the USA.

9 oz. re-useable glass jar.

Reviews (144)

OdiE’s oIl

Written by Matt on 29th Apr 2021

Tried the light Odie’s oil on a Walnut table. Per the instructions I used it sparingly, waited 45 minutes, and buffed it out with ease. Beautiful finish that was super easy. Odie’s oil will be a permanent fixture in my go to finishes.

Odie’s Oil first time use-dresser refinish

Written by Gabe on 21st Apr 2021

First time using the product after refinishing projects for years with water & oil based finishes. I used to love the super slick/super wet looking finishes but have grown into more satin/matte/show off the wood type of finishes. I was working on a dresser for our new baby girl that is a family heirloom and was hesitant at putting traditional finishes on it and found Odie’s Oil. The fact that it is all natural, no chemicals, food grade safe, and even smells good sold me. The product performed as advertised after watching countless videos to see how to apply. I only sanded to 220 but then saw that the finer you go the more lustrous the sheen. I am very happy with the clean, simple, and beautiful look it gave the dresser and almost went out and bought all of their other products to play around with customizing the finish and changing up the sheen for future projects. I’ve already told friends, family, and my coworkers about it and can’t wait to use it again.

great product

Written by gina gilbert on 17th Apr 2021

terrific product and love its natural composition

Odie oil

Written by Kathy smith on 12th Apr 2021

Worked great! Easy to apply, nice finish!

Review Odie's Oil

Written by Marisela Palacios on 7th Apr 2021

A little bit goes a long way. Used it on a wood barn door and its a beautiful. Also used on my corian top after refinishing to bring up lustre after polishing...worked great.

Original oil

Written by Leaning timbers Woodcraft on 5th Apr 2021

By far the best looking and most forgiving finish we use on our custom tables and wood products!


Written by Matthew cleary on 2nd Apr 2021

This is my go to wood finish for all the crafts i do when i want to keep the original color love this product would not use anything else

Cuttng board

Written by Jeff gregorio on 31st Mar 2021

I used this for the first time after hearing about it on Another Woodshop Podcast. It went on so good and buffed right off after an hour. I love the finish and it smells amazing. I’m a client for life. Thanks for making such a great product!! Knot Employed Woodworking.

Odie’s oil

Written by Rita on 29th Mar 2021

We purchased this product to oil some hard wood we purchase to highlight some toy box/hope chest we are making. It was amazing how the odies oil brought the life out of the hard wood. True to form you only need a little to do your work. After I was done I had some more odies left on my pad that I gave life back to a decorative cage and a cabinet. I’d give this a 10 star if I could. One recommendation wear a plastic glove.


Written by Christian on 23rd Mar 2021

My favorite finish so far. highly recommend

Only One for me

Written by Be on 1st Mar 2021

What can I say, this stuff is amazing. I use it on wood, leather, my bandsaw, table saw and jointer tops. I use it on my cross cut sled rails to help them slide smooth. The uses are limitless. The best part is, it's non toxic. I can apply it and not have to worry about gloves or a mask. You won't be disappointed, and your lungs will thank you.

Odie's Oil and Butter Review

Written by Rich Benson on 14th Feb 2021

ODIE'S OIL AND BUTTER has proven to be the Best Finish ever for a Mahogany Center Island that was previously coated with Tung Oil ten years ago when the house was built. The hardest part of the project was stripping the old finish off and down to bare wood. We applied two coats of Oil over two days and then Wood Butter fours days later. Plenty of buffing has produced a very nice finish and we are planning on another Wood Butter application this coming week. The owners will be very happy!! I AM!!

great finish

Written by owen on 1st Feb 2021

First time user and I loved it. In all honesty I was a bit ticked off when I ordered one bottle with $10 shipping and the the next day they started offering free shipping. Would've canceled and re ordered if I could have.

Odies Oil!

Written by David N Ford on 28th Jan 2021

I started using Odied Oil in my shop last year. I love how it looks and feels on the finished product. In fact, I have almost completely switched over from all my other finishes to just Odies Oil. I love having my kids in the shop to see what I am doing and maybe just maybe learning something from me. So as a father, I really like that I don't have to worry about the kids exposing themselves to something harmful while I am working with it.

Odie's Oil

Written by Shop Class on 3rd Jan 2021

Odie's Oil is becoming the finish of choice at Shop Class. I am trying to get a local hardware store to stock it because people keep buying my personnel stock. So far we have tried almost all of the line and really like it.

Odies oil

Written by Eric Feldhausen on 28th Dec 2020

This is my go to finish for my epoxy river projects. Oil first, then the butter and my tables come out amazing everytime.

Odie's Oil

Written by yuval peleg on 23rd Nov 2020

excellent smell , no impact on skin .great coverage . since I use it mainly on walking sticks the fact that it leaves a non sticky finish is very appealing . mat warm finish . great product

My order

Written by Jassim on 10th Nov 2020

Thank you so much for your gentle treatment


Written by Jake on 27th Oct 2020

Have only used on one project so far. But really enjoy the natural finish on the black walnut. Will try on a cherry table next. Easy to apply and easy to buff.

Odies Oil Review

Written by Jim Summers on 22nd Oct 2020

The product went on as the instructions detail and the videos show. I like the sheen / look after buffing it off. This is my first time to use it and it is about a week into curing. On one of my test pieces I waited 2/3 days and then put a drop of water on it. Twenty-four hours later the water had evaporated and there is no visible damage to the wood!!

Odies oil

Written by John Bengston on 22nd Oct 2020

I've used this oil to bring life to some of my projects. The finish is incredibly soft and smooth. It has a pleasant aroma and application coulnt be any easier. I love this finish and its the only product ill use from now on.

My wife is getting tired of hearing about it

Written by Reid cain on 13th Oct 2020

Well, my wife is getting tired of me always talking about Odie's Oil. I am using it on our entire kitchen cabinets as the finish. I wanted something non-lethal as a finish and Odie's fits the bill. I can apply it in an environment that isn't completely dust free and that allows me to not have a shop dedicated to finish. Using it on Walnut ply has been a breeze. I have however had to use two coats. I believe it is because the veneer has very little in the way of natural oil or moisture. It really drinks up the Oidie's! It's also possible that my sanding wasn't the best. I only went up to 400. Lazy, I know. Anyway, I have been really happy with the finish, a beautiful matte sheen that brings out the grain of the walnut. Super cool! I am doing my neighbors kitchen in the same fashion as he was stoked on my kitchens color and appliance. The fact that the Odie's Oil can be touched up down the road with the same technique certainly doesn't hurt either. I am sending some to my brothers, one who turns wood bowl and one who build custom cabinets. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who listens, my wife is tired of hearing about it.

Best finiShing product

Written by Tom on 6th Oct 2020

We love using Odie’s on everything we make, from tables to cutting boards

Odies oil

Written by Ray on 12th Aug 2020

A little goes a long ways! Stuff applies easily & gives an amazing finish....great product!! Will now always have this stuff in my inventory for sure.

Odies oil

Written by Sara on 7th Aug 2020

I’ve just finished a small side table with Odies, and so far I’m very impressed. I love the silky smooth texture after it’s been buffed in and the very pleasant scent. Odies will be my go-to finish from now on.

Odie's review

Written by Kevin Hughes on 4th Aug 2020

I was skeptical about trying Odie's for the longest time but when you look at the math...it's right there on the playing field with everything else. I've only gotten it on a handful of items, all wood, but I absolutely love it. It takes a little more work than other finishes and that is 100% OK with me!

Odies Oil perfect

Written by Robert Dejardin on 23rd Jul 2020

I use Odies Oil on everything from cutting boards to bowls. Really makes the grain pop and penetrates very deep.

Must-Have for any wood shop

Written by Jeremy K on 17th Jun 2020

I bought this product to finish an unfinished corner shelf my wife bought, but this is not my first time using Odie's Oil. I wanted to write this review for a hardwood floor I finished for a friend of mine who flips houses. The floor turned our great, Odie's Oil is super-easy to apply. I re-finished my own hardwood floor with Polyurethane and had to wear a respirator the whole time (x3 for multiple coats). I love that Odie's doesn't require a respirator and even more importantly, I love the aroma it gives off. If I could upload pictures, I certainly would. The floor turned out beautifully and my buddy was really happy with the result. A year in, the finish is holding up great. Thanks Odie's!

ODies oil finish

Written by Matt Diamond on 9th Jun 2020

This project is so easy to apply and provides a tough defense against harmful exterior factors. My favorite part this the smell; such a pleasant smell.

Best finish

Written by Man pan lee on 28th May 2020

I’ve been wanting purchase Odie’s oil for quite some time and finally got around to do it. I have a very dusty warehouse/woodshop and this finish works well in it. So easy to apply and the outcome is more than what I expected.

Odies oil

Written by JEsse manor on 25th May 2020

Best board oil out there with no exceptions. I sell a lot of boards and do board building classes and this product is always my first application. I even make and sell my own board oils but use Odies for the first application.

Odie’s Oil

Written by Ted Alexander on 25th May 2020

I have never used any wood finish that is more simple to apply. There is never any dripping mess or VOC’s to worry about. Just apply with a Scotch Brite pad, wait an hour and wipe off with a terry towel. I’ve used the Odie’s natural finish a number of times. Same great results every jar. Hope to try the other products in the future. Especially Odie’s Dark.


Written by SM on 22nd May 2020

This is the BEST product I have ever used on a piece of wood, it is AWESOME!! Thank you very much and I will definitely be purchasing other products in the future!

Odie’s Oil

Written by Sheri Monet on 1st May 2020


Odie’s Oil

Written by Jason on 29th Apr 2020

I discovered Odie’s Oil on recommendation from a friend and I purchased a jar after watching a handful of application videos and read a few other reviews. The oil did not disappoint and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great finish. I applied it to an unfinished maple butcher block countertop I purchased from Home Depot, after a few rounds with a sander and a single application they came out beautiful. I have gotten compliments from everyone who has seen them and I credit it to the Odie’s Oil.

Great finish

Written by David Gambill on 27th Apr 2020

This has become my go to finish. It's easy to apply. And brings out the color of the wood better than any film finish. A jar of finish goes much further than you think it should. I will be buying many more jars.

Amazing finish!

Written by Steve on 20th Apr 2020

Used this product to finish the surface of a Live Edge Cedar bench after sanding with 400 Grit. Came out absolutely stunning! I don’t usually write product reviews but have already ordered a 2nd jar for finishing/sealing the surface of a pecan bench. Will always recommend. Only issue I’ve had is some scuff marks left after constantly placing a laptop on and off the surface. Should take a simple buffing to make those go away.

Love it!

Written by Jeff Runkle on 17th Apr 2020

Wow, i just love the finish that this product provides. Very easy to work with and doesn't feel like i'm spreading harsh chemicals onto my finished pieces. And it smells great! Will be using this again and again.

Odie's oil

Written by Connie Taylor on 9th Apr 2020

Just the best. Does everything they say and more. Note: Don't overthink it. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. Terrific video on website.

Odies oil

Written by Heidi Dizer on 2nd Apr 2020

I used it on my counterrtops They look great

Odies's oil

Written by Jeffrey Wade on 23rd Mar 2020

Odie's Oil was easy to apply, spread over a large area with little oil, and was easy to clean up afterwards. most importantly the look of the mahogany was beautiful, bringing wonderful life to the wood. All that and water beaded right up on the wood. Thanks Odie!


Written by Youhana Gilana on 6th Mar 2020

Great product.

Great pRoduct!

Written by Matthew Cain on 19th Feb 2020

This is the first time I have used this product . I have been using it on live edge furniture and it has been wonderful! It is very easy to apply and leaves an amazing finish! Finally the product I have been looking for! My customers have been delighted with it! Thank you!

Odie's oil

Written by Connie Taylor on 3rd Feb 2020

Loved the product. Follow the instructions and it is just as easy as they say. We refinish our hard maple island top every year or two and it looks like new 6 years later. Five stars.

Awesome product

Written by Lisa on 3rd Feb 2020

I used the original Odie's Oil on a mesquite buffet and it looks outstanding. Easy to use and a durable finish what a great product.

Best wood finishing product.

Written by Tom Jacobs on 28th Jan 2020

Odie's Oil is the best product out there. The natural look of all the items we make is what we love about the product.

Great Stuff!

Written by Ramona on 20th Jan 2020

What a wonderful product! It took a minimal amount of product and labor to get the exact results I wanted. Wholeheartedly recommend!

Product Review

Written by Aaron Morgenstern on 31st Dec 2019

Great product! Love the look and ease of application. Just gotta remember that when I think I'm done buffing, I need to buff just a little bit more. Lol

Odie’s oil

Written by Thomas Yarbrough on 20th Dec 2019

Awesome, I have used other oils with carnauba, Odie’s is equal to, easier to use. Working a cypress project, brings depth, color and a smooth satin finish.


Written by Zach Lewis on 10th Dec 2019

Exceeded all expectations. Will be my go to finish from this point forward.

Odies oil

Written by PJ on 22nd Nov 2019

Been using Odies for a year and it is the best finish I have used over a 10 year period. Furniture and wood turnings.

Odies oil

Written by Rochelle Lentschke on 20th Nov 2019

I had never tried to oil a wood product before. I learned about this product in a YouTube video. No one I knew was familiar with the products. I'm so glad I tried it! It was easy for this first-timer and both of my projects (the test project and the intended project) are outstanding. Smells great, easy clean up and absolutely love the finish. I highly recommend this product.

Odies is amazing!!!

Written by Phil on 4th Nov 2019

I absolutely love the finish Odie’s Oil put on my Ash slab I finished for a coffee table in my office! So easy to use and such a great finish I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Great product

Written by Steve burge on 2nd Nov 2019

I am just about to use odiesoil on my second project, the first time it was fantastic and easy to use


Written by Luciano Santos on 21st Oct 2019

Best product I ever used on slabs and tables , it does what it says .

Odie's Oil

Written by Zack hubbard on 15th Oct 2019

Performed just as advertised. I used it to refinish some white pine counter tops. Two coast were needed for this very soft wood. Definitely be cautious about applying too much. A little goes a LONG way. Easily hand buffs out to a nice shine.

Great for butcher block

Written by Mathew Hanson on 7th Oct 2019

So far I’ve loved odie’s oil for my maple butcher block countertop. We have a sink in the countertop, so I wanted something I knew would stand up to some water. Easy to apply! Watch the videos on the website and you’ll be a pro.

Odies performance

Written by Sean Leppert on 7th Oct 2019

Odies is top notch. Easy to use. Superior finish and smells good too


Written by Ki Shield on 26th Sep 2019

Product is incredible! It went on easy and the overall process was a breeze! Would love to order more for my next project!


Written by Tito Wilson on 17th Sep 2019

Odies was easy to apply, but even more so, I’m impressed with the finished product: durable and allows for a pure feel

Great product. Easy application

Written by Connor nash on 17th Sep 2019

This oil is great, easy application. Smells great too, just follow the directions and your piece will come out exceptionally well.


Written by Holger Pleiss on 15th Sep 2019

I absolutely love this product, it is very pleasant to work with: smells great, no irritation to skin, looks beautiful. Don't kid yourself though into thinking that it'll be much faster to apply as it only requires a single coat. It takes a good workout to make it last as you need to work hard to get it into the pores of the wood you are applying it to. However, it is well worth the effort. I looked around before I ordered from the US for delivery to NZ but even the "all natural" finish produced locally in Christchurch seemed to come with some health warnings, so in my view Odie's Oil is a superior product. Highly recommended. Only downside is that the shipping cost seems to creep up every time I order. For an identical order maybe 6 months back, shipping was in the low 30s. Now we're in the high 50s for the same order, both times choosing the cheapest shipping option.

Odie’s Oil

Written by Paul Shelgren on 12th Sep 2019

Unbelievable results from Odie’s Oil, easy application, brings out the natural color of the wood like no other product I’ve used. Odie’s Is now my #1 finish product for all the furniture we build. Best part is our customers love the results

Odie’s original oil

Written by Dawn Mccombs on 11th Sep 2019

This was an amazing product for my furniture refinish project! Not only did it make the grain in the walnut pop it actually made my whole house smell so good, like beeswax and honey! I needed some questions answered about the process as well, and Odie’s responded promptly and kindly to my many questions and never seemed annoyed that I had to ask so many. I can’t recommend this product or the staff enough!

Oldies oil review

Written by Kyle on 4th Sep 2019

A five star product. Truly a wipe on wipe off with no mess. The biggest and most value I’ve seen was applying this to a entry door. The door takes half a days abuse from the sun. Oldies Oil seems to comfort the door with no sign of wear. Other products flake and discolor. With no limits to what you can apply this to I see it as a house hold staple . Thanks to the Oldies team. KYLE


Written by yaron on 26th Aug 2019

Very fast delivery. Very good product.


Written by Jen on 25th Jul 2019

Love this finish, easy to work with.


Written by Eric Galloza on 3rd Jul 2019

Best and easiest finish I have ever used, highly recommended!

Odie oul review

Written by Lisa d on 1st Jul 2019

I used the product for the first time and it worked beautifully. The mesquite buffet top looks gorgeous and odie oil was very easy to apply.

The best product on the market

Written by mark s on 1st Jul 2019



Written by mark on 25th Jun 2019

I like Odie's oil because it so easy to use. A safe all natural product, as they say a little goes a long way. It also has a great natural fragrance.


Written by ed on 19th Jun 2019

seems good so far... trying to use as little as possible as they state, still getting a feel for that. Finally stumbled across a good link on webpage with tips-tricks etc, seems info a bit scattered so finding more each time I'm on the site. I see others with a high sheen, I sanded maple to 400grit, hoping to get a nice high luster, will see how 2nd coat looks and add wood butter. Tons of great reviews, I'm seeing great potential... so nothing but high hopes!

So far so good

Written by Jake Kidney on 14th Jun 2019

So far so good! I've used this on hackberry, black walnut, black cherry, spalted maple, and red maple and have not been disappointed! My favorite part is I can apply it inside without a mask and gloves and within an hour it can be buffed and set aside. No further sanding or coats added. No bad fumes (actually smells quite good) and non-toxic.

Odie's oil

Written by Tom Bodett on 3rd Jun 2019

Love this stuff and have used it nearly exclusively for all my furniture work for the last five or six years. It's safe, beautiful, and holds up with the test of time, Sort of like my wife of 23 years. Get Odified!

Odies OIl

Written by Ol Loggin Sawmill on 2nd Jun 2019

Love this product and would want to buy bulk to sell in my shop?!


Written by Beau E Bailey on 22nd May 2019

Seriously cannot beat this product. The finish is incredible! I'll never use anything else!

First time use

Written by Taylor on 22nd May 2019

I recently applied the Odies Oil for the first time to a conference table (12’x4’). Following the directions closely this product was incredible easy to apply and has a profound affect on the wood. The grain came to life and the client was incredibly happy with the product. This product smells great, looks great and is very easy to use!

Odies OIl - Oil Finish

Written by Stacy Goldsworthy on 14th May 2019

I have used the oil to finish a macrocarpa counter top. The oil has done an excellent job of highlighting the grain and providing a great looking finish. It has also brought out features of the grain that wouldn't have been visible if the top had been polyurethaned. Easy to apply. Great product to bring out the natural features of any timber.

Slab tables

Written by Mark on 25th Apr 2019

Everyone i know uses this oil and i love what it does....it seals and is food friendly and not a stain....great product

Great product

Written by Jon on 17th Apr 2019

Brought new life to an old coat rack my grandfather built decades ago. As well as that turned out, I plan on using for several upcoming projects. Highly recommend.


Written by Rick Koscher on 5th Apr 2019


Worth Every penny

Written by Jeremy W. on 2nd Apr 2019

Let me just start by saying that I am a hobbiest wood worker. I’ve used the Odies Oil for the first time on a cypress crosscut coffee table. Very easy to apply and the finish is amazing. You CANNOT mess up with applying it. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an all natural finish that is easy to apply.

Odies oil

Written by Monica on 19th Mar 2019

We absolutely love Odie's Oil. It is easy to use, and truly brings out the natural beauty of the wood. Odie's oil does a beautiful job without any muss or fuss ~ and no odor! Odie's Oil is a winner in our book, along with the excellent customer service we received.

First time order

Written by James Lambe on 14th Mar 2019

The product has been amazing, I am curious how long the product last once you open it since it is all natural. I applied the product to 4 cutting boards and look great. I am working on a custom coffee table next to try it out.

Oil and butter

Written by Ian defeo on 8th Mar 2019

Good product. Good finish. I’ll be ordering more in the future.

First time user

Written by Justin Jackson on 27th Feb 2019

First time using odies. Finished a monkey pod kitchen table and couldn’t be happier with the results. Only finishing product to use!

Odies original

Written by Jason cardwell on 27th Feb 2019

Made my kitchen countertops look rich and natural and doesn’t water spot either. Smells awsosome. Have used it on some antique funiture to wake up the old finish and it looks amazing. This is the only product I want to use anymore.

Love it

Written by Steve on 27th Feb 2019

I’ve been using this product for several years now and I have never been disappointed, not one time. It leaves a fantastic finish simple to apply I don’t have to worry about temperature or dust control. It smells wonderful you don’t have to wear gloves it repels water almost immediately. I can’t Say enough good things about this product. I haven’t used another finish in over two years. I’ve used it on vanity tops to kitchen tables and everything in between with no complaints


Written by Daniel Schnarr on 23rd Feb 2019

I searched for a long time for the right sealer for my concrete countertops and once I saw odies would work I just had to use it and just like wood it’s amazing. The only downside to using odies on concrete is you will use a lot more.

Odie's Oil 9oz jar

Written by Carl Baze on 12th Feb 2019

I am very happy with the results. I bought this oil to use on the handles of knives that I make. So far I've only used it on some Cocobola Wood and it looks good. My only complaint would be that it seems to have a short shelf life which is not good for me as I may only need to use it every three or four months and a little bit of this stuff goes a long way. I did buy some small baby food jars (2.5 oz) and poured the remaining oil into those jars up to the rim, leaving no room for air. I hope this works and keeps the oil fresh. I'm looking forward to trying this oil on some Desert Iron Wood.

Odies in nz

Written by Harry Mclennan on 10th Jan 2019

I had this product shipped all the way to New Zealand after seeing a lot of good things about it online. I am very impressed with the finish and an added bonus it smells incredible too! You can’t buy anything like it on NZ. Also had no issues with customs and it shipped super fast. Slowest bit was once it got into NZ. I’ll be buying again.

Majic Oil

Written by Matthew Glidden on 1st Jan 2019

This stuff is A M A Z I N G. A little goes a long way. The protection in the wood is intense. The grains seem to pop more when this is used to finish your piece and it really brings the wood to life. I’ll be a life time fan!

AWESOME product

Written by Jim on 31st Dec 2018

I found this product too late in life! It goes on easily, smells good, and the finish is Beautiful! Very easy to use! I definitely will be trying out the rest of the products. Thank you Odie's !!

Odie’s oil

Written by Dian land on 28th Dec 2018

I searched for a long time for a sealer for the live-edge pine slab I recently bought to use as a kitchen table. I wanted something that was food safe, odor free and easy to apply. I settled on Odie’s Oil because it sounded as if it might fit the bill in all three areas. Still I really wondered if the application would go as smoothly as the Odie’s instructional video made it look.I was pleasantly surprised! I completed the project (two coats) in an afternoon and I’m super happy with the results. I’ll be using Odie’s Oil on all future wood finishing proejects and I’ll definitely recommend the product to others who are thinking of it. Thanks!

Odies oil

Written by Rob on 20th Dec 2018

Let me start by saying I am VERY picky about my finishes. I do not like film finishes for the refinish work as I intend my furniture to last many many lifetimes and outlast any film finish. I do a lot of thick walnut slab furniture and a lot of maple and cherry as well being from Pennsylvania. Let’s start with the goods, it goes a LONG way. I finished 13 walnut bar tables top bottom and sides and a 10’ bar with less than one 9 oz jar!! The finish went on very quick and easy and is pretty much cool proof which is a far cry from any finish I’ve used before. It creates a nice warmth and depth to the wood, and a pretty nice sheen. It’s a little oily/ glossy for MY ultimate appearance but still an 8/9 out of 10. It also darkened a slight bit more than my usual finish which is quite an extensive process and not nearly as forgiving as the odies. But less dark than nearly any other finish I’ve tried. Not quite as beautiful as the finish I’ve been perfecting over the last few years but this was my first time and it came out wonderful


Written by Brandon Hunnicutt on 11th Dec 2018

Product is amazing. Customer service is bar none.

odie's oil

Written by Melissa turner on 10th Dec 2018

I love working with this oil. It made the wood beautiful!

Bathroom Project

Written by Thomas Dean on 21st Nov 2018

Don't laugh....but we laid a hardwood floor in our BATHROOM!! yes, you read that right, wood floor in a bathroom. I sanded a perfectly good finish off in order to give it an Odie's Oil finish and we could not be happier!! We have the same flooring in the rest of our home but the Odie's Oil finish looks so much warmer and Natural! We are considering doing it in the rest of the house....if I can get someone to sand the original finish off that is!! Our 2 sons are in the cabinet industry and I have recommended Odie's Oil to them. So easy to apply and with NO unpleasant odors. I will be finishing our handmade dining table soon with Odie's Oil. Can't wait to see the results!!


Written by Darren Gottschall on 13th Nov 2018

Hello - I'm a beginner to woodworking, but have tried a few difference finishes on my projects so far. I heard about Odie's Oil from a friend, and used it recently on a live-edge table made from ambrosia maple. The oil was very easy to apply, and throughout 2-3 days really brought out the natural color of the wood. It leaves a thin sheen on the surface, but is not overwhelmingly glossy or artificial looking. You can apply multiple coats to get a higher gloss, but I prefer the look of just one coat to leave the natural look of the wood. Overall, satisfied and will be purchasing more.

ODies oil

Written by Scott Killman on 12th Nov 2018

By far the best finish I’ve ever used. You will get similar, if not better, results as with Arm R Seal from General Finishes but it’s so much easier to use. One coat is all you need and it really does go a long way. I don’t use anything else.

Odies Origional

Written by David Nelson on 6th Nov 2018

You will not be disapointed with the results of this product. Be sure to follow diresctions and use of steel wool works very well to buff following initial application.

Works gReat

Written by Will darley on 31st Oct 2018

Easy to rub on and buff off. And looks great! Using multiple layers in hopes of maximizing protection from liquids

Odies oil original

Written by Andrew Nuhfer on 22nd Oct 2018

This stuff is awesome! I saw alot of people on Instagram using it, so I figured I would give it a try.. I love that I can sand my cutting boards to 600 grit and easily apply this oil with paper towels and a wool buffing pad. I'll reccomend this to all my woodworking friends now! And I am looking forward to trying the other products Odie's sells, too.

Odies Oil + Pigments, the real deal

Written by Ryan Walsh, LumberLust on 20th Oct 2018

We've used Odie's Oil and pigments on a variety of high end luxury custom furniture commissions along with small personal projects that need protection under intense circumstances. Odie's allows for easy application and touchups. Its become my go-to finish for food-safe items like wood utensils and cutting boards, and butcher block.

Odie’s Oil

Written by Cory N. on 18th Oct 2018

What an amazing product. So easy to apply and buff off for total shine, and it brings out just the most amazing depth of figure in wood. It smells great too! My only slight negative is the quantity needed - although the jar says “a small amount goes a long way,” I find that the area covered is always less than I’m hoping for. At the price, I was hoping I could stretch the jar further. However, I’m so impressed with the results that I ordered a whole lot more! Five stars

Best Product Ever

Written by Haley Zanga on 27th Sep 2018

Not only is the finish astounding, their customer service is even better! I wouldn't use anything else but Odies Oil!!!!


Written by Michael Bradley on 14th Sep 2018

This oil is amazing, I’ve used it on solid oak skirting boards and solid oak door linings and WOW!!! They look incredible. So easy to use just spread on, then work it into the wood and then buff. Easy as 1-2-3.

Odies oil

Written by Josh on 14th Sep 2018

Great product! I used the original oil on a walnut table with an epoxy inlay. I am seriously impressed with the finish and how easy it was to apply. I used an auto buffer to buff the finish. I’m looking forward to using other products.

OdieS oil review

Written by Brandon Larousse on 6th Sep 2018

The product is exactly as described. If you are looking for an all natural finish without dullness or glossiness then this is your product. A small amount really does go a very long way so there is much value in a jar. The only thing that they did not advise enough on was how great this stuff smells. Do you have an Odie’s candle?

Odie's Oil

Written by Julie Johnson on 4th Sep 2018

My new favorite product. I took old birchwood cabinets that my father and grandfather built out of a duplex I was remodeling. The contractor told me to toss them, but I stripped and sanded them down and applied Odie's Oil and they were magically transformed. It is an easy one step application that deals, protects and enriches the wood and brings out the natural grain. No gloves or respirators needed. It is not toxic and smells wonderful. I'm buying more to have on hand for my next project.

I’m truly impressed!

Written by Michael on 29th Aug 2018

I just refinished my maple butcher block countertops. I was originally going to use Waterlox, but after some research and insight from a local woodworker, I went with Odie’s Oil. I just applied it to my counters and am truly amazed at how fantastic they look. The coating is so easy, and the finish is the most naturally uniform I’ve ever worked with. The wood instantly became lusterous, and the Odie’s Oil brought a new richness and warmth to the maple. I’ll be using this for all my future wood finishes.

Odie's oil - The best finish I've every used

Written by Kyle guinto on 28th Aug 2018

Odie's oil is an experience unlike any other. Finishing is actually one of my least favorite parts of the project, crazy, I know. I have a large aversion to the smell of most finishes, I hate getting all the gunk everywhere and I always feel a little less satisfied with how the finish comes out. With Odie's there was none of that. Opening the jar greets you with this wonderful warm citrus smell, the finish is super smooth and doesn't gunk up and once it's all buffed it looks and feels amazing. Couldn't keep my hands off the cutting board I just finished I had to keep feeling the silky smoothness. Turned what I normally have to put on a respirator and gloves for into an experience I relished. Great product, definitely becoming my finish of choice. Worth every penny!

Odies Oil

Written by Jeff Calvert on 27th Aug 2018

Incredibly easy to apply & doesn't turn tacky when drying! Our table looks phenomenal!!

Best Product out There

Written by Tom Jacobs on 10th Aug 2018

The best product to bring out the natural beauty of wood. Really like the easy of application and the end results are pleasing to the eye.

superior in application and performance

Written by jason miles on 6th Aug 2018

Odies has been the easiest finish to apply of any I've used. The performance is second to none and holds back liquid the way a wax does. The wood finishes slightly darker than my previous go-to finish but I'm not complaining. It also seems to give a little extra boost and depth to grain figure.

My Go to finish

Written by Aaron Miller on 4th Aug 2018

This product really is amazing. Super easy to use and is a high quality finish!

ODies Penetrating oil

Written by Jeffrey PareNt on 22nd Jul 2018

First time user on a black cherry table. Impressed with how little I had to use. Excellent product although all the Rubio fans tell me it can’t stack up but right now as far as I can tell this product is great. I hear it also works to polish/buff and penetrate metal. I am about to try this out. So far I really like this product but I am disappointed that there is not a Canadian distributor

Odies oil

Written by Brian Smart on 20th Jul 2018

This oil is really awesome! So many ways to achieve desired finish! I used it to finish 3 picture frames I made with western juniper, they turned out with a gorgeous sheen that highlighted the grain and the knots! So much better than a spray on plastic looking finish! My new finish of choice! THANKS!


Written by Alan Magruder Eldridge III on 15th Jul 2018

Love the product, took a while to find the correct finish and finally found Odiesoil. It’s my goto finish now!!!

One of the best

Written by Jacob Jenkins on 12th Jul 2018

I wanted to try this product after seeing an instagramer test a variety of oils and finishes. Odies oil came out on top for him, red wine couldn't even stain it. I have only used it on one peice so far, and entryway table I built out of black walnut with maple bow tie inlays. This finish is incredible. I love the natural look of the wood, and the oil really brings out all the textures. I would highly reccomend this product to anyone.

Love it!

Written by Sarah on 30th Jun 2018

Purchased this after watching a Facebook page recommendation. Super easy to apply & even smells very nice (because who wouldn’t want their wood project to smell good lol) I refurbished a sewing machine base and placed a cherry slab top on it. Odie’s Oil worked perfectly for the slab.

Odies oil rocks!

Written by MikE on 29th Jun 2018

Great finish, easy to apply, all natural and safe to use, and it smells great. Happy customer here!


Written by David on 28th Jun 2018


Odies oil

Written by Cunningham wood work on 27th Jun 2018

This is very easy to apply and smells amazing. Rub into wood, buff out and you’re done. One of the smoothest finishes I’ve ever used. Food safe is a huge plus too. I’ve already ordered the wax!

Odies's oil

Written by Joshua Pelleboer on 17th Apr 2018

Excellent product at a fair price.

Très satisfait!

Written by Alexandre Dufresne on 17th Apr 2018

Le produit est exceptionnel! Merci.

Odie's Oil

Written by Gerald D. Thompson on 11th Apr 2018

I got a jar for a friend of mine whom I sort of teaching about finishing and wood working by telephone. He has used it on three turnings and loves it. He is impress with how little needs to be used.

odies oil

Written by Kevin Friedman on 10th Apr 2018

Machinist by trade but a novice woodworker. Made a barn door from redwood and was referred by a friend to Odie’s products. Was easy to apply and job came out better than I expected.

odie's oil - original

Written by Andrew Lindsay on 11th Mar 2018

Bought this for the handles of the knives we make. It is a superlative product, exactly as described. A very small amount applied in a single coat with a grey pad, buffed with towelling an hour or two later then left to cure for three days gives an incredible beautiful waterproof sheen. Fantastic.

Best finish out there!!

Written by T and t tables on 2nd Nov 2017

We have tried many different types and different brands of finish and Odie's Oil is the best product on the market. We love the natural look to all the pieces when we use Odie's. The features of the live edge just pop when we use this product.

Odie's oil

Written by Sam Soet on 9th Oct 2017

By far the best wood finish I have ever used. No more sticky urethane mess or latex gloves. Because you wipe the surface clean I don't have to worry about any little particles getting stuck in the finish. The fact that it's a one coat application saves so much time. Finished pieces look like beautiful wood instead of plastic. It's good for interior and exterior and it's food safe! A little bit goes a long way. I can't say enough about this product, the various other finishes that I own have gone completely unused since I discovered Odie's.

Top notch Products

Written by Jake on 19th Sep 2017

I mostly make wooden kitchen items, spoons, cutting boards, etc and had previously been using walnut oil with a walnut oil/beeswax finish. Walnut oil isn't a bad product at all but it would make my finished products a couple shades darker, losing some of the grain patterns in the process. Also, I didn't like how walnut oil would give some lighter/white colored woods a yellowish tint. One doesn't know how well a product will work until they just try it for themselves. That's what I did, now I love Odie's Oil and the Odie's Wax, which are the two that I use. Important things for me, Odies' oil keeps the wood true to the natural color, Odies Wax makes the water bead off my wood products and it's food safe! I highly recommend these products, I will no longer use anything else! The two that I use do exactly what they say they do, worth every penny!

Best finishing product out there!!

Written by Tom Jacobs on 7th Sep 2017

The more I use Odie's Oil the more I am convinced that this is the best product out there. The wood pieces that we make have the natural wood look to them that we have been looking for.

Great for oak floors

Written by Jen Shaffer on 18th Jul 2017

We loved our experience with Odie's oil. Used it to finish our 85 year old red oak floors. It was very easy to apply. It goes on easily and quickly and buffs off (two hours later) cleanly. It seems to be curing without any problems. I can't speak to the long-term awesomeness yet as it's only been on the floor for two days. But we love how it turned out and would absolutely use it again. I emailed questions on the site and received a call back just a few hours later. All of my questions were answered clearly and fully. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to anyone. And I will be buying it again to finish some other wood projects around the house.


Written by Bill Grist on 25th May 2017

I use Odie oil for finishing bowls I turn. It produces a beautiful finish.

Excellent product

Written by Charlie on 10th May 2017

Easy to use and provides a beautiful finish to my projects I use it for wood turnings as well as other items. I highly recommend this product to anyone for any project.

Great Stuff

Written by Peter Brown on 7th Feb 2017

The finish is beautiful. I've just finished my 4th piece and will be ordering more. Biggest personal impression? It's a workout to apply! But don't be a sissy! It's worth it ;)

Easy to work with

Written by Tom Jacobs on 31st Jan 2017

The product is very easy to work with and it brings out the beauty of the live edge wood that we work with.

Best Finish & it even smells good!

Written by DrTim Wittman on 28th Oct 2016

I often set out my sculptures in the kitchen to look at the throughout the day and enjoy their beauty. This can be a point of contention for my wife who doesn't like clutter. The first time I used Odie's Oil she came into the kitchen and announced, 'wow, it smells like a wonderful spa in here!' Now there are no complaints about clutter. Thanks Odie's!

Lets the grain of the wood come alive

Written by Tom Jacobs on 18th Sep 2016

Odie's Oil is a wonderful product that brings out the details of the grain and any live edge features on all the tables we build. It makes our tables "pop."

My favorite oil finish

Written by Alex Myla on 28th Jul 2014

I bought a small bottle from woodcraft a while back and tried it out. After posting about my results and how pleased I was, The owners reached out to me and sent me some samples of their wax and wood butter. I used these products to finish my latest guitar build with stunning results. Im a pretty convinced customer and just recently bought a 9oz bottle of the original oil. Thanks guys. https://zerofret.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/20140711-163736-59856692.jpg


Written by gary.lavorgna.75@facebook.com Lavorgna on 1st Feb 2014

I tried odies oil on a white birch ladle I made for a sauna. It brought out the rich colors in the grain and buffed out to a warm glow. The oil smells of citrus and is pleasant to work with. I will be sending for the wood butter to try on my next project .

So easy to Use

Written by Michael Yanosy on 23rd Oct 2013

I tried this when, I was looking for a safe product. This product Totally fit the bill, NONE of my clients want to use anything else.

Best new Product for woodturners

Written by Richard on 14th Jan 2013

This is the best new product to finish my wood turnings with that I have ever used, it is so simple and makes your work look soo good.Smells great, no bad fumes, thanks to all the hard work that went into making this! Richard

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