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Odie's Dark, a rich dark finishing oil, contains natural oxidizing oils that darken wood not only when applied, but also as wood ages. Will also add contrast and patina with age. Use alone or in unison with other Odie's products to add polish and sheen. Instructions for basic Odie's products also apply to all Odie's Dark finishes.

The dark depth and rich patina are such that results cannot be duplicated with a stain. Odie's Dark creates incredible contrast. Blacks pop! Use to not only darken any wood when applied, but to also naturally darken wood with age. Great for mahogany and ebony. Will actually get better with age, becoming more durable and beautiful.

Recommended for interior use. Doors, floors, fine furniture, bowls, toys, etc.

Great for all species of wood, exotic and domestic. Formulated to work on even the oiliest of woods. 

Just like all the Odie's finish products, Odie's Dark is a food safe, non-toxic wood finish and stabilizer that is easy to use.  Odie's Dark is solvent free.

Odie's Dark does not contain driers or toxic chemicals. Safe for everybody:families, kids, pets!

Odie's Dark contains natural UV inhibitors-sunscreen for your wood.

Just like all Odie's finish products, all of the Odie's Dark finishes are revolutionary products that out perform and out cover the competition. 

Easy to use. A little goes a long way. Use sparingly! Truly economical, Odie's Dark averages 21 sq. ft./oz. on most domestic woods---a 9 oz jar of Odie's Dark will cover more square footage than 1 gallon of other leading brand finishes. Coverage will vary depending on wood density and porosity.

All Odie's Dark finishes are hand-made in small batches in the USA to insure quality.

Reviews (30)

Odie's Dark

Written by Robert W. Randall on 10th May 2021

I have tested this odie's dark on a piece of stained flame maple and I liked it very much. leaves a silky smooth finish once applied and buffed off looks really good.

Odies Dark Oil

Written by Sam GLadstein on 29th Apr 2021

Great product!!! Used it on a cedar T&G ceiling and it looks rich. Used it on Sapele stair treads in conjunction with Butter and Wax - exquisite. And the best part is that when the product begins to wear under foot traffic, I don't have to re-sand, stain, and poly all over again. A simple light sanding and new oil and the treads will look new again. I highly recommend this product!

Odies oil dark

Written by Kathy smith on 12th Apr 2021

Works great, subtly dark. Easy to apply and nice finish.

Odies oil dark

Written by Matthew cleary on 2nd Apr 2021

Original odies is my favorite but when i want a little more depth i reach for the odies oil dark when i want to add just a little bit more color to my wood products in my experience as a wood worker odies is my number one finish

the dark!!!

Written by Tim Corrado on 12th Mar 2021

This product is amazing. easy to apply. Leaves a beautiful finish. I used on walnut and the colors it brought out of the wood were amazing.

Odies Dark

Written by Natures Live Edge on 17th Feb 2021

Fantastic product, love the toned glow of the dark oil on quartersawn white oak.

Odie’s Dark Oil

Written by Eissa on 22nd Jan 2021

I usually use it on live edge wood projects, it gives little dark color plus the old classic look, it’s really amazing, actually it’s the best I ever used for wood fish.

Odies dark

Written by Gemsley Balagso on 30th Dec 2020

I've love all of odies products. I need to try out the tinting media for stains. Hint hint. Ill be will to give it go.

Odoie's Goodies

Written by Capt Gary Taylor on 17th Dec 2020

I've now used Super Duper, Dark and Butter, All 3 amazed me with the results but also how easy they go on. Trust Me.... follow their directions.... use the scotch brite type pad and use the product sparingly. After years of using Danish Oils I used waaay too much of Odies. LESS IS MORE and gives better and even longer lasting results. Love this stuff

Odies dark

Written by Nick graves on 16th Dec 2020

I’ve never used it before and just did a test piece on a 100 year old, hand hewn chestnut 4x6” beam. It doesn’t look much different than the regular odies. We will see how it ages. I love all the odies products so far!

Great Product

Written by Logan on 8th Dec 2020

This is a great product. I would consider myself a hobbyist woodworker. I watched quite a few videos from Odie's Oil and Of Earth Fine Furniture to see different methods of application. I still have an issue of using too much but the final product is amazing and I am very happy it is a safe finish that I can use around my kinds.

Dark oil reView

Written by Ross on 10th Nov 2020

I have used a few of Odie’s products in the past with good results. I have been working on a hard maple kitchen island and wanted a finish that is durable, easy to touch up when needed, and something that would add some warmth to the wood. I recently did a small test piece on a zero clearance insert plate I made from the same wood for my table saw. It did a fantastic job. Really pulled those subtle grains out of the maple and warmed it up. In fact I made my first ever YouTube video on that test piece. You can check it out on Shoshin Woodworking.

Odie's dark

Written by John Bartley on 19th Oct 2020

I put it on pine and got no color at all. But then I stained the pine and then put the Odie's Dark over that stain and it works fantastic, giving that stained wood a deeper color and clearer identified woodgrain. Big fan of all the products.

The best

Written by Pat on 14th Jul 2020

Odie's dark oil and butter is the best I've ever seen. We applied to a new cherry vanity and the results were absolutely amazing. So soft and smooth. We are going to finish all our new cherry kitchen cabinets with same and then move on to our new paper birch hardwood floor. Then a new trestle table and some live edge island tops. So easy to use, smells good, and fast. All done with the stains and lacquers.

Awesome finish

Written by Logan on 11th May 2020

This is my first time using the Odie's dark butter. I was really happy with how it looked on my wife's cheese slicer board. I sanded the board to 400 grit, I used Odie's Dark Oil and on the final coat I watched a video from Odie's and they recommended doing the butter and using the oil with it to get an even better sheen. I could not have been happier. I am excited to see how it holds up.

Odies dark

Written by Jeane M Tucker on 29th Apr 2020

This really enhances the darker wood grain woods I use to build

product doesnt go as far as i expected

Written by Brian Chinn on 5th Mar 2020

Product seems nice, the dark isn't as different from the normal oil as i expected. Also product doesn't go as far as it was hyped. I'll probably buy again because it is an easy to apply nice looking finish.

ODie’s darK

Written by Zack Steele on 2nd Mar 2020

Odie’s dark did not disappoint just like any other product from Odie’s Oil

Odies dark

Written by Mark on 15th Jan 2020

The most satisfieing and surprising product I have ever used. I've tried everything. I recently completely sanded down a quarter saw white oak at least 100 year old mantel. Ammonia fumed , then applied odies dark. The piece now looks like a perfectly preserved antique , amazing thanks to odies!

Odies oil Dark

Written by Dan Graupenspergerf on 20th Dec 2019

I am new to this line of products. So far used the oil and wood butter on turned objects that we sell in our craft business. Bowls, candle holders, and bud vases. This is the easiest to use product we have tried so far. I have used friction polish, spray lacquer, and wipe on polyurethane and none of these products gives the same smooth tactile inviting finish that Odies does. Everyone that visits our booth picks up the Odies finished products to see how they feel. We get many comments on how good they feel to the touch. Glad I decided to give it a try.

Experimenting with Odie’s dark

Written by Pete carrasquillo on 11th May 2019

After hearing so many people rave about Odie’s I decided to give it a shot, and thus far I am very impressed. I’ve tried it on white oak, red oak, hard maple, ambrosia maple, black cherry, black walnut, mahogany, ebony, and bubinga, and gone up to 400, 600, 800, and 1000 grit just to see what happens. It looks amazing...plain and simple. Based on my tests I’ll be putting to immediate use on two important commission projects. I’ll likely try more Odie’s products in the future. The bonus part is that it’s non-toxic and actually smells really good.

Dark oil

Written by Jenny Longlais on 5th Feb 2019

Fantastic product. Little goes a long way. Loved the finished look on my live edge shelves.

Excellent product

Written by LUKe on 1st Jan 2019

Incredibly easy application, and beautiful results. And it smells fantastic as well.

Best Finish

Written by Olies Wood Shop on 17th Dec 2018

Oh man where do I begin! I am so thankful that I found this finish for my products! Everyone is always amazed at how easy it is to use and how beautiful it comes out each and everytime!

Odie'S Dark

Written by Noah M Clodfelter on 3rd Dec 2018

Very easy to use and left a nice smooth finish. Will definitely use again.

Odies Dark

Written by Peter Nolan on 12th Sep 2018

Used odie's dark on a crib I built for my child, the finish came out beautifully. Will be finishing the changing table and floors as well!.


Written by Daniel Yanizeski on 10th Sep 2018

Great product and awesome company!

Odie's Dark Oil

Written by Logan on 31st May 2018

I used Odie's Dark to make our new Knotty Alder barn door in our master bedroom look more aged. It did a fantastic job and looks great. I am really pleased with it, we have a knotty alder entry door to that room that I am going to use Odie's dark on too. I am also going to try Odie's wax. If the products were not so expensive I would probably start only using Odie's on all of my projects. However since after shipping its $44 for 9 ounces, I will have to save it for special projects. So far I am a huge fan of Odie's and they have amazing customer service. I would highly recommend it.

Odie’s dark

Written by Woody Walter on 28th Apr 2018

This product provides a beautiful finish that is easy to apply. I use the all-natural, non-toxic oil on all of my fine walnut furniture pieces to develop a rich, deep luster. The results generate excellent reviews from my customers. -Woody

Odies dark

Written by Matt Dunning on 15th Jan 2018

I found odies on social media and decided to give it a try on my current floor project. I laid just under 500sft of rustic maple, which is half of my first floor. I wanted a product I could put down and not have to evacuate the house. Odies is a natural oil that has a pleasant scent. After the long process of prepping/sanding the floor I was eager to start applying the oil. The owner called me (after business hours) and walked me through the application process step by step. He made it very cut and dry for me and I followed his directions step by step. It was a very easy application and I only used less than half of two jars. I ordered five thinking they were exaggerating on how far one jar would go. They were not. This stuff really goes a long way and left a beautiful finish on our new floors. We will be putting it to the test with two big dogs and New York Winters. I think I'm going to be very happy with this great product, and couldn't be more happy with their exceptional customer service.

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