Mr. Cornwall's Super Duper Everlasting Oil - Dark

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Mr. Cornwall’s Super-Duper Everlasting Oil - Dark


  • Provides a deep warm look
  • Creates a slight amber effect that will continue to darken with age depending on wood species and UV exposure.

* A Multi-surface product (wood, concrete, masonary, steel, metal, and more) 

* Great protection for all unfinished wood surfaces including fine furniture, tables, decks, floors, doors, siding, etc. 

* For projects large and small and all of your woodworking needs.

* Easy to use thin formulation – just wipe, spray, roll, or brush on and simply wipe off

* Can be used alone or in conjunction with any other Odie’s finish product

* Works extremely well with Mr. Cornwall’s Creative Colors, just add the pigment Mr. Cornwall’s mineral pigment directly into the bottle, then shake or stir frequently to maintain even distribution.


The roll out of Mr. Cornwall’s Super-Duper Everlasting Oil completes the incredible versatility of the Odie’s finish line, providing for an easy to use Danish Oil type format but with the strength, durability and safety you have come to expect from an Odie’s Oil product.


Its Typical Coverage when used properly:  Approximately 20 square feet per ounce. 

  • 9 oz jar average coverage on wood is typically 180 sq. feet

  • 32 oz jar average coverage is typically 640 square feet


Reviews (6)

Super-duper dark oil

Written by James Pedraza on 18th Jan 2021

Another great product by Odies! Very thin and easy to apply, I use this first followed by Odies Oil 24hrs later. 24hrs after the original Odies Oil I apply the Wood Butter, simple great finish for luthiers! I would highly recommend their products to fellow luthiers and all wood workers too.

Awesome new product

Written by Logan on 8th Dec 2020

I have been very happy with Odie's Oil as a finish. I was very excited to try their new product. I used it as the first coat so I applied Odie's Super Duper Oil, then Odie's Oil, and finished with Odie's wood butter. I was really happy with the sheen but I am still trying to achieve the finish that some of the people on Instagram are getting with Odie's.


Written by Jake on 17th Nov 2020

This product truly is the cat's meow, it is awesome. I just re-did an antique front door. I was told by an odies rep to do 3 coats due to it is in direct sunlight in South Carolina. The client is very pleased as am I with the results. Lets see how it does over time

Odies super duper dark oil

Written by Bill Scavezze on 12th Nov 2020

I dont know if there is a way to praise a product beyond saying that the results are in the name. This stuff is Super Duper! Ive used it twice now on light woods and some black walnut. It goes on so smooth and if the wood is dry it soaks in fast and evenly. Its true that even with this stuff a little goes a long way. I have fallen in love with all of their products but this one may be my favorite. The site says the wood will get darker with time so haven't had time to see that yet, but I am very very pleased with this stuff. I will be a loyal fan of this stuff for as long as they keep making it. Cant wait to use it more often and get to know how it looks on different species of woods. Love it!!


Written by james / WOODShOP - THE KNOTTY FLAG CO. on 25th Oct 2020

i have and have used every odies oil / wax they have and i love each of them. But this, this oil is by far my favorite oil. once i saw the instagram video announcing the drop i got it the day it was available and have purchased 2 big jars since. ive used this on river tables, solid slab tables, butcher blocks, resin and wood charcuterie boards, the list goes on. this oil goes on super duper easy and blends effortlessly. for some reason i feel that the finish this oil produces looks better than the others, no offense. just my opinion.. so stop reading this review and get the damn oil., you will not be disappointed.


Written by Paul Schaefer on 19th Oct 2020

I have been using Odie's Oil products for several years, and was very excited to hear about the new Super Duper Everlasting Oil. I like to use the dark versions of your products, and this new oil doesn't disappoint. I use it primarily on the electric guitars that I make. It goes on very easily, smooth, dries quick, and adds just the right feel to my guitar necks. I love this product, and highly recommend it.

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