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Woodturning Testimonials 

"Hi, I have to say I am really enjoying using Odie's Oil on my projects. The picture is a purpleheart and hard maple laminated shallow bowl. It measures 11&1/2" in diameter, and a little better than 1&3/4" tall. I'll give the oil a little more time to soak in, and then buff it with the Beall buffing system." (see the bowl here in our Woodturners Photo Gallery)

Philip Wilson, January 7, 2013


"Hi. I am really starting to like this finish!!! These are oak bowls. The color that came out with the oil is great. This is a Sycamore Crotch with your oil, I did two - one with your oil and one with lacquer –This one with the oil has much more color." ... "I never mind learning something new, I have just been taking a small amount of oil and just rubbing it on, found out that less is better than more, then after an hour or so I take a clean cloth and just rub it a bit . thanks." (See Richard's bowls in our Woodturner's Photo Gallery)

Richard Levine, December 10, 2012


"I am a wood turner/woodcarver. The enclosed photo has two coats of Odie's oil which I now use for most of my work. I especially like the level of gloss possible without sanding between coats. My woodworking group gives the Odie's results they see 100% approval."(See Abe's cherry vase in our Woodturner's Photo Gallery)

Abe Sloan, November 2, 2012


"Enclosed is a turned box titled "Fire in the Woods'. Turned from a piece of rosewood bought from Florida Crotch Wood, it was finished with two coats of Odie's oil and buffed. Oil is easy to apply and need very little to cover a large area. The colors popped after the first application and were even more distinctive after the second. Odie's is food safe and great on bowls, spurtles, etc." (see Joan's turned box in our Woodturners Photo Gallery)

Joan Weaver, Bell Woodturners, September 2012


"As new woodturners, my husband and I try all kinds of finishing products and techniques. Odie's make colors "pop", is easy to apply, and leaves a soft satin sheen. Items shed dust easily after sitting in our workshop. Bowl is spalted black gum. Box is black cherry." (see Joan's bowl and box in our Woodturners Photo Gallery)

Joan W., September 2012


"I finished a couple of canary wood pieces with Odie's oil today. The first I had wet sanded using Danish oil. Then I applied Odie's as directed on the label. The result is a vast improvement over what I had been doing using Danish oil followed by polyurethane. I dry sanded the second and applied the Odie's as directed. This piece was also an improvement over my old method, but as much as the wet sanded piece. Thanks for introducing me to this product. "

Abe S., August 2012