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Wide Plank Flooring For Sale

Are you looking for a hardwood floor that will make a statement? Check out www.RealWidePlankFlooring.com for gorgeous, wide plank flooring by JT Studio LLC.  And yes, Odie's Oil is the beautiful finish you see on each of these floors because Odie's Oil is the only finish that RealWidePlankFlooring.com recommends.

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Check out these photos... 

myrtlewood+realwideplankflooring.com.jpgMyrtlewood Wide Plank Floor by RealWIdePlankFloors.com

realwideplankflooring.com+bubinga-floor-finished-with-odie-s.jpgBubinga Wide Plank Floor by RealWidePlankFlooring.com

realwideplankflooring.com+marbled-peruvian-walnut-2.jpgMarbled Peruvian Walnut Floor by RealWidePlankFlooring.com

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