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Conkers Wood and Metal Crafts is the Odie’s Oil authorised UK distributor.

It all happens in our workshop in Oxfordshire using newly found and developed skills to make something special. It’s the collaboration of these skills, techniques and equipment, rarely discovered in one place, that enable us to produce one of a kind pieces for you to have in your home.

The biggest inspiration for us is coming across an interesting item or type of material and thinking what can we, ‘Husband and Wife’ make with that, or interpreting customer’s wishes and dreams and turning them into reality.

A lifetime of creativity and enthusiasm for metal fabrication, a fascination and determination to develop woodworking skills mixed with a desire to rework, up-cycle, resurrect and combine new with old has resulted in the creation of a range of unique pieces of interior and exterior furniture, home décor, lighting, curiosities and toys.

We work with materials such as epoxy resin, a wide range of hardwoods, steel, wrought iron, copper, brass, slate and leather. Lighting products, including LED, combine craft with industry to create unique and interesting pieces.

All our pieces are proudly treated with Odie’s Oil as we are confident that this is the most versatile and environmentally friendly treatment available in the marketplace.

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Located in Budapest, Hungary 

The Odie’s Authorized European distributor, Odie's Oil.EU specializes in hardwood flooring in both residential and commercial projects located in Budapest, Hungary. Odie's Oil.EU reinterpreted the century-old heritage of wood in the modern environment and provides an infinite range of wooden finishes by using reactive stain or natural pigments to colour the materials. The company pays extra attention to all processes – from wood selection, through grinding to surface treatments – with care and devotion. 

The owners of Odie's Oil.EU have a special connection with wood, and besides hardwood flooring they also offer other design solutions through MOKO Interior.




Located in Stavanger, Norway



Located in Slovakia